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Services Overview

The U.S. Department of Education has implemented the Electronic Verification Certification (EVC) Services Online to expedite the Loan Consolidation process. This new initiative provides the loan holder organizations with the option to select an automated method of receiving and responding to Loan Verification Certification (LVC's) requests from the Direct Consolidation Loans System (DLCS) EVC Services available online.

Loan holder organizations may submit a request to participate in EVC Services Online through the web. At the time of completing the registration and enrollment application, the individual representing the loan holder organization will have the option to select one of the following enrollment process types: Batch or Online for processing verification certificates.

Batch Process Type - Allows loan holder organizations to receive electronic file(s) in a predefined file layout containing LVC's. Loan holders will download the file(s) through the Direct Consolidation Loans Web site in the EVC Services Online section, where they will process the file(s), and upload it back to the EVC Services Online

If there are any errors encountered on the certifications with the Batch Process Type, emails are sent to loan holders. The errors must be corrected online by logging into the Direct Consolidation Loans Web site at (
Note: If the Batch Process Type is selected, additional steps are necessary to setup the batch method to process LVC's. Some of these additional steps are:

  • Verify that the email notification option available for both 'Online' or 'Batch' enrollment process types has been set up to provide notification when the electronic file(s) is posted online.
  • Verify that user IDs and initial passwords for all authorized users of the 'Batch' enrollment process that has been identified by the loan holder administrator have been received from the Consolidation Department.
  • Verify that the file(s) to be transmitted from your organization to EVC Services Online adhere to the predefined EVC Batch transaction layouts
  • Validate that the correct configuration has been set up for the downloading and uploading of the file(s)
  • Test the configuration by running the download/upload file process to validate the URL and proxy server settings.

The Consolidation Department Technical Support team will work with you during the testing period to allow you to set up and test the electronic batch files.

Online Process Type - Allows loan holder organizations to access, review, update, and certify LVC's through a secure web site in real-time.

An option to receive email notifications when LVC's are available on the web is provided at the user level. This option can be selected during the registration and enrollment process and when a new user request is submitted. All authorized users that have been identified by the loan holder administrator to receive email notifications will be notified of the availability of LVC's, regardless of whether the organization has selected the Batch or Online Process Type.

Upon the approval of the Registration and Enrollment Application, the EVC Services Online account will be activated and the designated loan holder administrator may grant access to other users in the organization.

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